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Pinnacle Security Ltd security assets are drawn from only the disciplined and experienced local nationals. Not only are they selected by engagement, based on their knowledge and experience but also on their physical being and suitability to the situation. Assets are selected for their ability to adapt and blend in to their environment; to engage unobtrusively and for their technical, cultural and business expertise associated with the engagement.

With the experience gained by our sister company 'Watertight Services' in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007, we know that each service and product we provide is the best available in the market today. Every service is bespoke and constantly exceeds the needs and requirements of the customer in every detail.

Requirements and Vetting Exercise

Pinnacle Security Ltd has access to a wide-ranging data base of security companies and governmental entities.

Pinnacle Security's key security alliances house pre-qualified former police and line infantry operators to staff all of its operations. All applicants regardless of professional employment history are screened to establish that they hold the necessary clearances and skills, if required, to exceed the contract requirements.

The vetting requirements include: -

  • Identity Documents Verification
  • Police and CID background check (Interpol)
  • Confirmation with the local council on the applicant
  • Residence Verification
  • Written and verbal examination on the candidate, CV inclusive
  • Verified educational qualifications
  • Physical and health screening checks

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