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Pinnacle Transporters Ltd

Pinnacle Transporters Ltd is a limited, licensed and registered company under the companies act cap 85 currently contracted by private and government institutions to provide transportation services to the key stakeholders.

The company specializes in car hire to corporate bodies on long term contracts, chauffer and self driven cars, vehicle leasing, daily rate leasing, car sale of used and new vehicles, and vans for tour.

The cars available for the above are, saloon cars, 4X4 pickups, 4X4 wagons and vans.

Our Vision

To provide transportation means and services to the key stakehoders

Our target market is as follows

  • Parastatals
  • Hospitals & Schools
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • Government Departments
  • Private companies & individuals

Our Objectives

  • To provide effective transport means to the public on cheaper costs.
  • To provide cars for hire, for the traveling around the region and for functional matters like weddings and other functions.
  • To help the business community by providing them with cost effective transport services.
  • To supply vehicles and other automobile to the region.

Our services include

  • Corporate, Commercial and Personal transportation
  • Car hiring services
  • Tracks in produce and Petroleum
  • Airport taxi services
  • Vehicle leasing
  • Self drive cars
  • Selling and buying of vehicles

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