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Pinnacle Media & Events Company is a registered communications company that specializes in public relations and events management as well functions linked or related to communication.

We offer tailor made communication solutions through using dynamic and exciting PR activities that ensure consistent and positive media coverage for our client.

For events, we plan our clients' dream functions like our own. From planning to execution we involve the client and advice, experiment together and make each event a success and memorable one using unique plans and up to date events planning solutions.

We see ourselves as your partners therefore not only do we make contributions to your strategic planning activities, pointing out PR opportunities and potential problems but also gets us to understand your business needs, strengths and weaknesses and look at working together to grow.

Events Management

For whatever event or function in our lives we want is to be memorable not only to us but also those that were apart of it. We make sure it is exactly or better than how you imagined it to be.

How do we do this? We plan with you and involve you in the decision making of all the nitty gritties that your event may need your necessary attention, this to avoid any sudden changes which may affect your event. We turn your fears and anxiety into an exciting adventure.


We handle advertising for private and public companies. We handle media bookings, design and running of advertisements in both print and broadcast media.

We assist you in designing and advise on what space is most suitable for your advertisement, announcement, insert and any other information you would like published in the dailies and magazines.

Media Relations & Crisis Communication

Many a time, people are intimidated or are afraid of the media. Reason for this is that media has proven over the time to make or destroy individuals or organizations. Having a PR firm be your mediator, brings great relief to you and shows your confidence and trust in us to keep your positive reputation and image especially when it is at stake.

The media is our partner and therefore we work together towards accuracy and objectivity. Our media contact list keeps us on top of things, by knowing who to contact and when.

We take into consideration that crisis management involves attempts to eliminate a problem as well as develop a formal communication system that will avoid or manage crisis situations but having the right people to contact in the media houses during a reputation or image crisis does help a great deal.

We coordinate the media for our clients and also compile media monitoring reports for the client for evaluation and accountability whenever there is a media campaign ends. We communicate and follow up with the media pre and post event.

Why Public Relations?

As a PR guru Al Ries says "In the past two decades public relations has eclipsed advertising as the most powerful force in marketing and branding" and it is no doubt that companies worldwide are finding well managed PR campaigns offering more value for money. Reason for this is PR addresses key messages to the right audience.

PR also gets to manage abrupt and unplanned issues as fast as they arise because of its flexibility to react quickly to a changing environment, which is very important in today's global and fast paced society.

Developing a solid public image is not something that can be achieved overnight, therefore changing perceptions takes thought out and focused ideas, sustained effort and time.

It is no doubt that PR is an essential part of core business strategies today and is by far the most inexpensive tool to boost business reputation as well as support other functions and objectives. It's important for us to make a clear PR strategy that will boost our client's performance.

Corporate Gifts

Your image is important to you but more to your client and therefore keeping a good name for yourself is important. Keeping your client with a certain memory of you, should always be consistent, interesting and fun.

By giving gifts to your clients not only on New Year's or Christmas or Idd but stretching to personal events like birthdays and anniversaries, new borns etc. This not only shows your appreciation but your thoughtfulness to remember those particular events that mean a lot to your client.

We deal in different gift items depending on your business and choice. We work with you as a partner in working within your budget.

'We do it for you!'

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