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Pinnacle Security Ltd's effective management methods are based on proven security and business management techniques providing the essential management experience to provide quality services, professional security, project and risk management, health and safety and staff support.

Pinnacle Security possesses extraordinary expertise, capability and unyielding customer support which allows the company to fulfill all of the contractual requirements. The Directors, Management and Training Team have both local and international management experience.

The Pinnacle Team has a solid history of successful project staffing and management that includes effective cost controls as evident in every contract that the Pinnacle Group has won and those won by the company founders prior to Pinnacle Group's incorporation.

Pinnacle Security's established fiscal practice, coupled with prudent yet professional project management has resulted in significant savings for many of our clients without compromising quality or service.

Pinnacle Security's key professionals have provided a wide spectrum of security operations and protective services in Iraq for the Multi-National Forces - Iraq (MNF-I), Joint Contracting Command - Iraq/ Afghanistan (JCC-I/ A), Tetra-Tech Foster Wheeler, United Nations Special Envoys, US Congressional Delegates, US Secretaries of Defense, Labor, Commerce and Health and Human Services, Heads of State and Delegates from various countries as well as NGOs involved in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Security Operations have also been conducted in Nigeria, Djibouti, Kenya and Egypt on behalf of US company interests in these countries. Special emphasis has also been placed recently on anti-piracy operations around the coasts of Yemen and Somalia with ships transiting through these potentially dangerous waters.

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