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Pinnacle Security Staff Donate Blood

Staff and well wishers of Pinnacle Security Limited on February 5, 2010 donated over 35 units of blood at their offices as a corporate social responsibility activity and also to respond to the National Blood bank call for citizens to donate blood because there is a national shortage of blood in Uganda.

"Our support is a reflection of our commitment to corporate social responsibility to save lives and contribute to the welfare of Ugandans" commented Sharon Kuku, Public Relations Manager.

It is with this background that staff and well wishers came together to contribute to this cause.

This is just one of the many avenues Pinnacle Security can give back to the community and if a life can be saved, that is priority to us because life is precious and it is our duty to guard and save lives.


Pinnacle Security Helps Injured Girl

A two and a half year old girl, Allen Nantongo suffered a fracture and was admitted at Kisubi Missionary Hospital after her mother died in an accident on January 7, 2010.

The accident happened at Kisubi on Kampala-Entebbe Road as she and her mother crossed the road by a hit and run taxi (UAL 461N) and the mother died on the spot and the little girl was rescued by the police and taken to the hospital.

After a week's search for relatives, an article was published in the New Vision January 13, 2010 on page 1 about the hospital being stranded with the little girl and it is from this that Pinnacle Security learnt about this girl and went forth to help out.

On January 15, 2010 a team of Pinnacle staff went to the hospital after having consulted with her doctor Dr. Robert Asaba who we asked about the girl's state and what the bill was like then.

We decided that 800,000/= would cater for her medical bills, get a caretaker, for food, diapers because she was to be admitted for over 2 weeks.

It is on the same day that the police recovered the father who was at the handover together with the Kisubi Missionary staff.

The reason we reached out to this girl was considering that that she didn't have a mother to comfort her she needed to be comfortable and love around her by the hospital staff and father not worrying about where money to take care of bills was going to come from.

And also part of our corporate social responsibility, we believe it is best to reach those that need comfort, love and security (knowing that they don't have to worry about a thing)

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