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Pinnacle Group is an organization that was established in 2003 by a team of professionals with a vision to engage in multifaceted activities through forming partnerships with key players in service delivery in Africa.

The founder chairman of the group is Mr. Moses Matsiko Baryamujura who has over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurial skills to continuously identify and launch new projects which will be of immense benefit particularly to the general populace of Africa.

With our ever inspiring vision and unique competence to fruition the talents of professionals in various sectors, the Pinnacle Group team is committed to its mission of contributing significantly to the emerging process of service delivery and satisfaction in Africa.

We are also associated with various companies and have a range of sectors that we cover including security consultancy, guards and escort duties, fire fighting, ambulance services, public relations consultancy, media management, events management, cleaning services, fumigation, trash removal, car trading and leasing and many other turn key projects.

Pinnacle Security Ltd is a full service company, providing bespoke security and risk management solutions to a wide range of clientele throughout Africa. Originally established and incorporated in Uganda under the Companies Act (Section 16:1) they soon expanded their base with resources across the world. Along with their strategic partners, Pinnacle Security focuses on building a diplomatic security company with special emphasis in specialized security and risk management solutions including international and domestic site security.

The outstanding professional experience brought to Pinnacle Security Ltd through its directors, management team and training staff (Core Team). This experience is based on international and domestic military and police special operations tactics from years of service in the field. This knowledge and wealth of experience is taught, via very specialized training, from the 'core team' directly to Pinnacle Security employees making them the forefront of professional security in Africa.

This professional security is not only founded on exemplary training and professional standards but also in providing a total client focused experience second to none. Pinnacle Security's Directors and Senior Management have adopted the ISO 9001:2000 Total Quality Management System which ensures that their clientele receive outstanding service at all times which exceeds their expectation. As a customer focused company we recognize the value customer feedback which allows the company to adapt and grow in all facets of its services.

Pinnacle Security has recently acquired Protectorate S.P.C further increasing its capacity to serve a wide clientele.

Pinnacle Security Team

Our Vision

To be the most comprehensive and proficient provider of security solutions and services in Africa constantly adapting and changing as the world adapts and changes.

Mission Statement

"To provide bespoke security and risk management solutions to all customers by means of a comprehensive security and risk assessment and the subsequent provision of the contractually agreed number of highly trained and professional security personnel. All security contracts continually supported with the appropriate technology and monitored through total quality management policies and procedures creating stakeholder value and continued services."

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Strong Customer Focus
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Innovative
  • Loyalty
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork

Quality Statement

Pinnacle Security is committed to become the forerunners in the provision of security and risk management solutions, completely exceeding our customer's requirements in all security requirements. As the Pinnacle Security is entirely customer focused they listen to their customers needs to provide the expert security solutions through highly trained, motivated and experienced management and personnel. To Pinnacle Security there is only one level of quality and service and that is to exceed 'the highest level of our client's expectations'

Core Services

In the current ever changing and turbulent world, it is critical that companies conduct themselves in a confident, disciplined, diplomatic and professional manner. It is vitally important they develop relationships with governments, government agencies and other professional international and national companies that are fair to all involved and strong enough and adaptable enough to withstand the test of time.

Critical to the success of these business ventures is the provision of a secure and safe environment in which those business functions continue to flourish. Pinnacle Security provides the key to that safe and secure business environment through bespoke security and risk management services.

Always There...

Always There...

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