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Unleash the Power of K9 Security

Our K9 dog security service provides an extra layer of protection to your property with specially trained dogs and their handlers working together to detect and prevent potential threats.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Keeping You Safe Around the Clock: Our team of experts provides round-the-clock monitoring services with cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and security of your property.

Firefighting Services You Can Count On

Our professional firefighting services offer a rapid and effective response to any fire emergency, with the expertise, equipment, and training to handle fires in any type of building. Trust us to protect your property and the lives of your loved ones with our commitment to safety and exceptional service


Who We Are

Pinnacle Security Limited is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Holdings Limited providing bespoke security and risk management solutions to a wide range of clientele in Africa and beyond. It was established in 2008 to pioneer the concept and philosophy of partnership in various fields to provide efficient and cost-effective services through formation of partnerships with key stakeholders with a passion and zeal for national and regional development, protection and security in Africa and beyond.

In 2010 Pinnacle Security acquired 100% ownership and the management of Protectorate S.P.C in order to meet the high demand of security services in Uganda.

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To be the most comprehensive and proficient provider of security solutions & services in Africa, constantly adapting to the changing world that faces new security threats & challenges.


To provide bespoke security and risk management solutions to all our customers through comprehensive security and risk assessments, and subsequently, by deploying a contractually agreed number of highly trained and professional security personnel, supported by appropriate and monitored technology, and high-quality management policies and procedures that create stakeholder value and ensure continued service.


We are ISO 9001-2000, ISO-2015 certified to ensure that our clientele receive an outstanding service that exceeds their expectations at all times. We have also most recently complied and become an affiliated international member of international Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) expressing a true benchmark of a company’s commitment to fully implement the human rights and humanitarian principles and standards in the Code. We provide assurance that our procedures and practices will be as complied by ISO and ICoCA in the provision of security related services across the world



“To be the most comprehensive and proficient provider of security solutions & services in Africa, constantly adapting to the changing world that faces new security threats & challenges.”



Mr. Moses Matsiko Baryamujura


Mr. Vincent Kayemba

Managing Director

Mrs. Maximillia Byenkya

Genaral Manager

Mr. Seith Mwesigye Katirima

Country Director South Sudan

Mr. Eduardo Cuellocerini

Operations Manager - South Sudan

Mr. Jeffrey Sanow

QA & QC Coordinator

Mr. Glel Pretorius

QA & QC Manager - Uganda

Mr. Paul Osimbo

Managing Director - Tanzania

Mr. Anzua Opio

Operations Manager - Uganda

Ms. Patricia Kyomuhendo

Human Resource Manager


+256 393 111041 / +256 752 755879 / +256 781 143170

Pinnacle Security Limited (HQ)
P. O Box 124853  Kampala Uganda
Plot: 442 & 443 Massionatees Off Kironde Road Muyenga.
Email: info@pinnaclegroup.co.ug
HOTLINES: +256 393 111 041 +256 752 755 852

Pinnacle Security Tanzania
P.O Box 4841,
Ada Estate, 34B Manara Street. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Telephone: +255 712 008863
Email: info@pinnaclesecurity.co.tz


Pinnacle Security South Sudan
Plot No.70 Block No. AXIII, 2nd Class, Hai, Malakal Telephone: +211 922 545499
Email: countrydirector@pinnaclegroup.co.ug



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